Electronic Transaction Reporting Gateway (ETR)

ETR Gateway (Electronic Transaction Reporting Gateway)

It is a service to send and receive electronic transaction reports to banks and financial institutions, both Thai and foreign, all operating in Thailand. for the bank various financial institutions Able to submit electronic reports as required by government agencies which this service is beneficial to the bank Financial institutions in compliance with the law prevent damage and reduce time Reduce costs and reduce paper usage. in preparing reports and delivering reports as well as reporting information to the destination agency It will receive electronic data can be processed efficiently.


Customer Due Diligence Gateway (CDD)

CDD Gateway (Customer Due Diligence Gateway)

The CDD Gateway system supports monitoring services. and screening customer data and watchlist data for banks, financial institutions and professionals under Section 16(1) and (9) of the relevant government agencies. To provide services to those who are responsible for reporting transactions and reporting the results of audits back to users. The system can be used with the list of people that need to be monitored. can be diverse, such as UN, OFAC, BOE and various commercial databases, including Thailand's existing data.


Intelligent Box: Online Document Exchange Platform
and E-Tax Invoice & E-Receipt

NETbay is a gateway that connects to the Revenue Department and has a monthly service model. Our InvoiceChain [E-Tax Invoice & E-Receipt] system when paired with i-BOX [Intelligent Box] will make you and your customers You can collect E-Tax Invoice documents for the Revenue Department to verify properly.

Netbay has been selected as the first service provider to deliver E-Tax Invoice & E-Receipt of the Electronic Transactions Development Agency and the Revenue Department according to standards. on security information security For service providers to produce, deliver and store electronic data (Bitter Tho. 21-2019), which this standard covered in Security of information systems of service providers of the Revenue Department, including Responsibility for ensuring the security of electronic tax invoice remittance data and electronic receipts of users.

Introducing InvoiceChain, a revenue-compliant E-Tax Invoice & E-Receipt, and i-BOX Secured Document Storage and Exchange Platform, which saves The cost of preparing a tax invoice is reduced by 30 times.