Job Description

  • Planning, developing and supervising the information technology network system of the Company to ensure stability, safety and efficiency.
  • Prioritize appropriate operations In order to get the most benefits in the operation of the company.
  • Support and coordinate with various departments in solving problems and developing computer network systems.
  • Supervise and maintain the Company's information technology network and accessories. To be able to work with the highest efficiency and to contact Vender, Supplier when there is a problem with various Network equipment.
  • Support, consult and solve technical problems. to service agencies such as Technical Services and Customer Services, etc.
  • Maintain and set permissions To access every network device used and check the status of the data center link that is connected to various departments. Analyze, answer questions, consult and solve technical problems for customers.
  • Design, install, develop and maintain network systems. Information technology network for customer service.
  • Analyze, answer questions, give advice and solve technical problems for customers who use the program system or the company's services. via telephone system Remote control system, remote computer control, e-mail system, or meet in person at the customer's office.
  • Coordinate with various relevant departments. inside and outside to install the system or solving problems for customers to be successful within a short time within an appropriately defined time frame.

Job Qualification

  • Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Business Computer.
  • At least 4-5 years of working experience.
  • Able to use Office Applications.
  • Very good knowledge of PC Support : Hardware, Application Software, MS Windows XP, Vista.
  • Very good knowledge of the following systems management and administration;
    - Networking : Cisco Router, Network Switch, Firewall, IDS/IPS.
  • Basic knowledge of management and administration of the following systems;
    - Server : MS Windows Server, SUN Solaris, Linux.
    - Database : MySQL, MS-SQL Server.
    - Network : Router , Switch , Firewall , WEB Application Firewall.
    - Security : Security on Cloud service , etc.