Job Description

  • Develop computer programs according to customer requirements or product owner.
  • Participate in all cycles of computer program development From collecting the needs of users, designing, programming, testing and maintaining.
  • solving problems that arise from the program. including testing the program and help support the installation.
  • design presentation Development methods to meet the required time in the available resources.
  • Collect information on customer requirements together with the team.
  • Help design the system. and document system design.

Job Qualification

  • Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology or other related fields.
  • Experienced in web development Or develop applications on mobile phones 0-3 years.
  • Able to use Office Applications well.
  • Have basic knowledge in.
    - Operating System : Windows, Linux.
    - Web Server : Tomcat, Apache, Nodejs.
    - XML Schema.
    - Web Service : SOAP , RESTful.
    - Programming Skill (Eg PHP, JAVA, javascript, HTML, Angularjs, jQuery, bootstrap etc.).