Job Description

  • Provide advice, opinions and solutions for employees, executives and the Board of Directors. All legal aspects related to the Company's business and affiliates.
  • review and draft legal documents including the announcement contract Circulars and legal documents, as well as providing legal advice and opinions to the company's business. Work with outside attorneys and handle litigation.
  • Draft policies and procedures for implementing legal requirements.
  • Manage corporate and legal issues arising in business practices covering a wide range of laws. Such as Securities Registration Guidelines, Public Limited Companies Act, Company Law, Privacy, IT, Employment Disputes and Contract Interpretation.
  • Seek approval from reporting information to government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Bank of Thailand To ensure that the Company and its affiliates are in compliance with the Act or the law.
  • Providing assistance and support to the Company Secretary Management Team and Board of Directors All regulatory and legal matters.
  • Perform legal contract work, including reviewing, amending, drafting, contracting and memorandum. including other legal documents.

Job Qualification

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in business administration, linguistics or other fields.
  • have direct experience in legal contracts Drafting contracts and checking contracts for more than 10 years.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Able to use computer Ms Office.
  • Experience in stock exchange of Thai listed companies.
  • Knowledge of the Act and other rules.
  • Able to work alone and work well under pressure.