Job Description

  • Analyze and operate to optimize human resources operations. (job structure, workforce allocation, staff recruitment, personnel capacity enhancement, labor relations, welfare, etc.) to support long-term growth.
  • Follow the labor law information. and other related information And bring it to be updated to be current and suitable for the company.
  • Proceed to prepare wages, benefits, welfare according to the company's policy.
  • Manage and consult the human resource team. to achieve high efficiency There is a standard in operation.
  • control and check wages, benefits and welfare to be in accordance with the regulations. Or as the company has made an agreement.
  • Supervise and drive the operations of the Human Resources Department in accordance with the policies, strategies and operational goals that have been set. as well as supervise the performance appraisal to be in accordance with the policy.
  • Set the direction and drive the organizational structure to support the strategic plan. Staffing into the structure and recruiting operations to meet manpower requirements To be in line with the business plan and support the growth of the organization.
  • Determine the direction and drive the development of personnel in the field of career advancement of personnel (Career Management), including the management of talent and potential (Talent). Succession (Succession) and job rotation within the organization.
  • Determine the direction and drive the HR consulting for the executives of various departments. of the organization closely Build understanding of needs and gaps and bring it to improve work processes as a Strategic Partner.
  • Set the direction and drive the development of the organization's personnel capabilities and enhance leadership. to meet strategic needs Through training, Coaching, learning in the organization.
  • setting direction and driving personnel management both in terms of setting indicators performance management system Compensation and benefits personnel treatment including human resource operations such as salary, employee welfare, and discipline rules and regulations Relevant.
  • Determine the direction of the department's budget utilization and operate in accordance with the approved budget.
  • Plan, assign, supervise and perform human resource management and administrative tasks. to comply with the policy and regulations.
  • Supervise staff welfare and labor relations to suit the needs of employees and in accordance with laws and regulations. Company Welfare.
  • Ensuring that employees in the department are developing their working potential to a good standard.
  • Propose regulations, criteria and conditions for various practices in accordance with the situation and policy.

Job Qualification

  • Graduated with a bachelor's degree or higher in Human Resources Management Or other related fields.
  • At least 10 years of experience in Human Resources Management
  • Good command of English at work.
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to use computer Ms Office well good including Payroll and HRIS programs