Job Description

  • Analyzing, answering questions, giving advice and solving problems using the program and solving technical problems of the program (preliminary) for customers who use the program. or the company's services through the telephone system or remote control system or e-mail, etc.
  • Inform various news related to work And to benefit the work of customers.
  • Coordinate with various departments. related both internally and externally in order to solve problems for customers successfully.
  • Receive advice and receive feedback from customers of the Company. To improve the work.
  • Analyze and summarize information about problems that arise. both caused by the use of the company's program or other programs including the various work systems of customers that affect the Company's program and bring such problems to coordinate with relevant parties to find ways to solve problems for customers.
  • Make a summary report on answering phone calls, e-mails and problems in working for the Leader team.

Job Qualification

  • Age 25-30 years.
  • Graduated with a bachelor's degree in the field. Information technology, business computer, or related.
  • Able to work in shifts (Working 15-16 days a month)
  • If you have experience in Call Center or Customer Service will be an advantage - Can use Microsoft Office well
  • Can use Microsoft Office well
  • Good human relations and personality, love service work
  • Skills in solving immediate problems very well