NOVEMBER 21, 2023

NETbay wins 2 Outstanding awards from SET Awards 2023

        November 21, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. , there was a ceremony to present SET Awards 2023 honors to listed companies that received outstanding awards in various fields. Including the Best CEO of the Year 2023 at the Stock Exchange of Thailand building.


The company “NETbay” received 2 awards…

Mr. Pichit Wiwatujirapong Chief Executive Officer of Netbay Public Company Limited received the award. Outstanding CEO Awards, Business Excellence

And another award of pride Outstanding Company Performance Awards, Business Excellence


By Mrs. Kobkanjana Weerapongpradit Managing Director of Netbay Public Company Limited accepted the award this time.

It is considered to reinforce that our Netbay company has excellent performance. There is good corporate governance. We are also committed to building expertise in technology that helps drive society and the economy that are the foundation of the country.